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Lamon & Stern is becoming Lamon & Wallace

What is happening with Lamon & Stern? 
After over 40 years of providing exceptional 401k services, Hollis Lamon is excited to  announce that Lamon & Stern is transitioning to Lamon & Wallace.  Hollis Lamon and Andy Wallace have known each other for over 15 years. Hollis is not going away, but just slowing down as he begins to transition into his own retirement.  Andy and his team will serve you with excellence as we continue to offer a world class 401k plan to your company.  Furthermore, we believe that the best days are ahead for our clients as Andy uses his expertise to guide you and your employees on their retirement journey. 

Will my 401k plan change?
No, there will be no changes to your existing 401k plan, investment options, account details, or level of service. Lamon & Wallace will provide the same exceptional 401k solutions you received from Lamon & Stern.

Do I need to take any action?
No action is required from you. Your accounts will automatically transition to Andy Wallace.

Will there be any costs with this transition?
No, there are no costs to you associated with transitioning your accounts from Lamon & Stern to Lamon & Wallace.

Who will be my new financial advisor?
Your new financial advisor will be Andy Wallace, CFP®. Andy has over 22 years of industry experience and Hollis and Andy have known each other for over 15 years.  After carefully considering many candidates, Hollis handpicked Andy to be his successor in 2016. Since then, Andy has been working alongside Hollis to learn the high-quality service model that our clients expect to ensure this transition is seamless with no major changes or disruptions. 

Why is Lamon & Stern making this transition?
This transition allows Lamon & Stern's clients to have continued access to top-tier 401k services and oversight from the experienced team at Lamon & Wallace.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?
If you have any questions you can contact Andy or Hollis at 770-951-8411 or email Andy at